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Case Studies

Technical Expert.jpeg

Situation: Technical expert struggling in corporate Vice President role; coaching prompted by unsatisfactory performance feedback

Solution: Twelve months 1:1 coaching + 360 feedback, goal alignment, and periodic stakeholder check-ins 

Results: Successful transition to organizational leader vs technical expert mindset; improved self-awareness, communication, and conflict management; strengthened relationships with direct reports, supervisors, and cross-unit collaborators; decreased team turnover; successful business unit results

Group Meeting

Situation: An overwhelmed and anxious first-time manager, at risk of failure to thrive in a new role; developmental coaching prompted by proactive supervisor 

Solution: Nine months 1:1 transition coaching; periodic stakeholder check-ins 

Results: Increased confidence, poise, and effectiveness in a new manager role

Gazing Out the Window

Situation: Incumbent manager struggling to adapt to work and communication style of just-hired executive supervisor; coaching self-initiated by the client

Solution: Six months 1:1 coaching + psychometric assessment

Results: Increased self-awareness, improved stress management; application of new strategies and tools for proactive communication and managing up effectively

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