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Leading is hard work.

Coaching makes it easier.

Investing in the right leadership development strategies is a must for modern organizations, and for modern leaders.


In today's ever-changing business environment, sink-or-swim expectations of executives and leaders are short-sighted and costly. Skillful leadership isn't achieved in a day, and group training in a classroom builds camaraderie and knowledge, but not competence. More effective leader development solutions are available.


Consider this:

  • A new generation is stepping into leadership roles with unprecedented speed. 

  • Less experienced and nontraditional workers are tomorrow's leadership pipeline- today.

  • Context matters to leadership outcomes.

  • Leadership mastery occurs incrementally.

Leader growth and development is a journey. It requires time, commitment, and the participation and feedback of key stakeholders. Leader development strategies must be impactful, with long-lasting outcomes and relevance to your business context.  Research shows that coaching is the most effective leadership development strategy. More than ever, executives across all stages of the leadership continuum need a trusted coach in their corner.  It's a smart investment for the success of your executives, their teams, and your company. We can help.


We assist individual leaders, corporate clients, and non-profit clients to build leadership acumen. Stakeholder aligned coaching is fundamental to our approach. We offer customized individual and group coaching solutions for your needs.


Retain essential talent: We help new executives, key hires, and next-generation leaders embrace change, think strategically, and lead masterfully.


Support leaders and teams: We help leaders and teams communicate, align, resolve conflict, and grow more creative, resourceful, and fully vested in rising to workplace challenges.


Secure a diverse talent pipeline: Today's nontraditional worker is tomorrow's leadership talent. We help you develop, support, and sustain a robust, multi-faceted leadership pipeline.




We're passionate about helping leaders and executives:


  1. know themselves and their teams

  2. understand and navigate their organization  

  3. communicate with impact

  4. lead authentically, strategically, and inclusively

  5. lead with vision and convert mistakes and failure to wisdom


Read the case studies here to sample a few recent coaching engagements, then contact us to discuss your needs.


(*Client names have been changed for purpose of client confidentiality.)






We make executive, leader, and team development engaging, challenging, and transformative. We coach leaders to lead with impact, and we deliver learning outcomes that stick.


We work hard to develop a personal, open, and transparent relationship with each of our clients. What they say about their leadership development experience is incredibly important to us.



Pitcher & Crow was founded on two key premises. First: immense leadership potential exists within each of us. Second: leader coaching is the most valuable, long-lasting, and effective strategy for executive and leader development.


Motivated individuals of all backgrounds, experiences, and temperaments possess an abundance of passion, intellect, and capacity to lead others, to develop innovative strategies and solutions, to solve business challenges, and to move proverbial mountains. For leaders to succeed, leadership traits, knowledge, and competencies must be intently nurtured, developed, practiced, and reflected on, within context.


Unfortunately, many organizations leave executive development, success and retention to chance, wasting precious talent, time, and resources in the process. For example, employers spend up to six months and 35% of a new leader's salary to secure key talent, only to find that 40-50% of all new executives fail, quit, or are forced out within the first 18 months of employment. Historically under-represented and nontraditional leaders are even more subject to this abysmal failure to thrive. At fault are weak onboarding and assimilation programs, lack of continuing and actionable feedback to leaders, underinvestment in executive and emergent leader development, and over-reliance on generic or abbreviated group leadership classes and seminars.


Leadership churn is not good for the health of your business; neither is an investment in learning that doesn't stick. We're here to help you ensure your executives, leaders, and teams get the impactful development support they need to deliver outstanding results.

Clients we have served:  

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